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My Name is Apaul Quilantang. I am American and the General Manager. My entire career mainly focuses on the business field for almost a decade. I am a Master of Business Administration graduate from the Grand Canyon University in Arizona of the great country, United State of America.  


Collaboration provides the true success!

- Apaul






Satisfied Clients
Applications in progress

As a native Arab who lived in many countries around the world, it was made clear to me that there was a tremendous demand for European and Canadian Immigration.

I am very privileged to travel the world after being graduated as Industrial Engineer. I am also grateful to speak many languages, Arabic, French, English, and German, to understand my client's needs.


If you believe, you can achieve!

- Sara

Our History


The formation of ASITS Travel & Tourism company was inspired by the desire to support the foreigner community in UAE and to support the Emiratis who appreciate exquisite places around the world.


The founders, Ms. Sara Lyousfi, an Arab and MBA graduate from Europe and Ms. Apaul Quilantang, an American and MBA graduate from the United States have developed and implemented an enhanced version of the 4 P's in their company.
Both, Ms. Sara and Ms. Apaul have traveled extensively and witnessed the beauty of different countries in Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe.  They believed that the road to success is to provide true guidance to people and help them achieve their goals.

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