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We provide all necessary services needed to come into and stay legally in the UAE.  And once you are ready to make your next life adventure to relocate, we will be there to help guide you along the way.  Your journey will be easy with us by your side.

Travel Guidance

Canada, USA, Europe

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UAE Resident Visa / Emirate ID
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UAE Visit and Tourist Visa
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UAE Business Plan Guidance
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The formation of ASITS Travel & Tourism Company was inspired by individuals supporting the foreign community in UAE and the locals who appreciate the exquisite places around the world. The founders, Ms. Sara Lyousfi, an Arabic MBA graduate from European continent and Ms. Apaul Quilantang, an American MBA graduate from North America continent, initiated the expansion of the People, Place, Promotion, and Product philosophy. After they witnessed the beauty of different countries in Asian, African, North and South American, and European continents, they believed that the road to success is providing true guidance to people. The team formed the ASITS Travel & Tourism Company as a response to their vision.

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Why clients must choose ASITS Travel & Tourism Company? ASITS is a diversified, educated, and professional agency. Arabic and English are our native languages. We immerse from ensuring each of our clients will receive the exact documents requested and expected. It is important for us to assure that clients’ expectations will be attained fairly. The closure of our service is win-win for all.

ASITS Travel & Tourism Company provides services to foreigners and locals in UAE who need assistance to professionally translate their documents to Arabic. Our Company focuses on government requirement documents and traveling guidance. Services under the UAE government segment are Residential Visa, Visit Visa, Student Visa, licenses, opening businesses, and processing fines. Services under traveling assistance segment are for clients who are interested to migrate and want to have Permanent Residential (PR) Visa, Student Visa, Visit Visa, or job seeker Visa to the Americas and/or European continental countries.

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Don't get scammed


Too often we hear stories of how people were scammed by an immigration service.  Click on the button below to learn how to avoid getting scammed and what you can do if you think you may be a victim. Don't misunderstand us. There are many immigration services that do a great job.  But here are also many that just take your money and give nothing but false promises.


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Hurry!  Canada is OPEN for immigration.  Canada is offering Visas for a limited time.  Get you application in before it expires!

October 30, 2020: Canada targets over 400,000 immigrants per year in 3 years;

* 2021: 401,000 immigrants

* 2022: 411,000 immigrants

* 2023: 421,000 immigrants

January 6, 2021: 813 (Provincial Nominee Programs - PNP).

January 7, 2021: 461 (Canadian Experience Class - CEC). 4750 invited to Canada.

January 7, 2021: 4750 invited to Canada.


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Some advantages of the countries we can help you reach.

  • Free education
  • Free medical
  • Spouse can become legal to work
  • $625 child allowance
  • Own business
  • Parents dependent visa
  • Sponsor siblings
  • 1095 days apply Passport
  • Live an work in USA
  • 160 Country visa on arrival
  • 30% Subsidiary on property
  • Gratuity / Retirement benefits
  • Unemployment benefits *8 month
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  • No need for visa within Europe
  • Fill working and residential rights
  • Subsidized tertiary education & scholarship
  • Setup and grow your startup and SME
  • Right to consular protection bu EU member states
  • Access to national healthcare benefits
  • Right to vote and hold public service positions
  • Connect to your heritage & family history
  • Privacy - General Data Protection Regulation
  • Fast tracking through customs
  • Safe passage during political unrest
  • Property ownership
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  • Be able to run for public office
  • Be eligible for federal employment and benefits
  • Be able to travel abroad long periods of time
  • Not be deported
  • Be able to sponsor your family for green cards
  • Benefit from US tax laws
  • Become eligible for free money
  • Become a US passport holder
  • Not necessarily have to give up your current citizenship
  • Own business
  • Free primary/seconday education
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All of our services are tailored to the individual client.  In order for us to properly serve you, we must know your specific situation and complete information.  Please send us a short message with details below.  You can also contact us via WhatsApp (971-56-100-6483).

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